Transportation & Vehicles

Transportation and Accommodation

Choices for transportation and accommodations are dictated by your interest, time and budget.

Water transportation:

Luxury overnight traditional motor/sail wooden yachts, contemporary yachts, ferries, speedboats, cruisers, kayaks, rafts, paddleboards.

Land transportation:

Private car/SUV, tour buses, motorcycle, mountain bike, road bike, foot, horse

Air transportation:

Domestic carrier, private helicopter, private jet or turbo prop.


For accommodations options range from luxury private villas with staff to cozy homestay and communal village huts, the choice is yours.


Komodo Travel and Transportation currently owns and operates a 6 passenger Suzuki van, to directly support this business. A fleet of vans are planned for the near future. Our main van is primarily used for private tours and smaller groups. For groups with more clients, we source a variety of quality trucks, vans and buses from dependable partner companies.

At Komodo Travel and Transportation we respect the environment and are careful to always drive on clearly marked mountain trails and roads.

Details of the van are below.

2007 Suzuki APV Van

This powerful but compact Van has been modified for tours, is comfortable for seating 6 passengers with luggage, whether for the longer journeys or just day trips.

The Suzuki APV has an economical inline 4-cylinder engine equipped to perform powerfully in rough road conditions, on uphill or with heavy loading.

Motorcycle Rentals

KTT has new Honda motorcycles for rent, should you decide to explore the Labuan Bajo area by yourself.