What We Do

Komodo Travel and Transportation offers customized, high-quality travel experiences throughout Indonesia.

We have an excellent network of dedicated, enthusiastic, and experienced local guides and specialists to ensure you and your companions experience the best of Indonesia in safety and comfort.

In addition to tailor made excursions we also have a range ofpackaged adventures for some of the more popular destinations. We organize and oversee all logistics, accommodation, transportation, guides, and entrance fees as required.

Whether you have a day or multiple weeks we can provide guided or self guided options to suit your interests and traveling style from primitive to extreme luxury.

Indonesia covers a vast area of Southeast Asia and hosts a remarkable diversity of life, culture and activities. Our trips can focus on your special interest area or provide a cross section of experiences.

Example interest areas may include:

► Nature and natural history (unique species of flora and fauna, ecology, volcanoes, caves)

► Culture (custom and ceremony, music, dance, art, food, markets, theatre, artisanal crafts, history, archaeology, architecture, temples, museums, industry, agriculture)

► Adventure tours, hiking, camping, jungle exploration, land and sea combinations.

► Water-based sports and travel

► Freshwater and saltwater fishing, photography, golf

► Bicycle tours, motorcycle tours, ATV tours, horseback

► Spa's, yoga, fitness, meditation, holistic treatments, tantric guidance

These activities can be found and or organized across Indonesia though capturing some may require inter-island travel. We can help you optimize an itinerary you may have researched yourself or alternately provide suggestions based on our experience. In all cases seasonal weather can play a significant roll in the opportunity to enjoy certain experiences.

Our destinations

  1. Flores / Komodo Island
  2. Bali
  3. Java
  4. Sumba
  5. Kalimantan
  6. Sumbawa
  7. Sulawesi
  8. Sumatra
  9. Papua
  10. Jakarta
  11. Yogia Jakarta