Annual Goodwill Visit by Priests

On March 10, 2017, a group of Catholic Priests arrived in early spring for a week to bestow their goodwill on local people in need. Komodo Travel & Transportation (KTT), through leadership of Ali Sehidun, KTT’s Senior Guide, helped the group with their transportation needs, setting meetings up with government, hospitals, schools, and for all translation requirements.

The Catholic Priests were from Spain, Argentina, USA, and Cuba; in total, 12 members. They brought along many brand new soccer and volley balls, handing them out to children’s schools and community centers. While there, these priests also donated funds for a local medical doctor, 5 nurses and all required medical supplies. Two free medical clinics were set up, one at an elementary school and another at a rural village, near Labuan Bajo. It didn’t matter what religion or race, all people with needs were treated the same and FREE. Children were heavy with smiles, after playing soccer with the Priests at the school playground.

Only on the final day was time reserved for this group to enjoy the local area in a relaxing way. They all boarded KTT’’s personal deluxe tour boat, the “Traveller”, and voyaged around the ocean to see nearby islands, beaches and get a first-hand view of the famous Komodo Dragons. 2017 was yet, another successful venture for the Catholic Priest Group ... good people, helping others, and excellent weather. What seems to be the main goal of this Group? Obviously, humanitarian and seeing first-hand, how people cope, without necessities normally minimal, in other areas of the world. No time was spent indoctrinating religious beliefs to the local people, just showing true kindness and compassion.

Enjoying Outdoor Sports Day with Labuan Bajo School Children
Credit: Eric Hutchings