Considering a Scuba Diving Adventure?

Underwater Adventurists flock each year to the abounding waters around Komodo National Park and the main Island of Flores, Indonesia. These waters are crystal clear and home to some of the most diverse undersea life on our Planet. Komodo Travel and Transportation can assist those interested in Scuba Diving by setting up sound personal itineraries with only the best Scuba Companies that work in the Flores Area. We can also combine overland tours with your scuba package or even provide you with your own personal boat, called the "Traveller". Just give us a call or email for further information.

Divers also can include part of their day visiting Komodo National Park, home to the iconic Komodo Dragons (largest species of lizard on earth) and some of Asia's most incredible scenery. Did you know that underwater the marine life is among the most diverse in the world, due to their position as a connecting "tunnel" between the Indian Ocean in the south and the Indonesian interior waters in the north? The Komodo National Park is a UNESCO designated "World Heritage" site and is very well run and offers great protection for the marine and terrestrial areas in the park.