My trip to Cunca Wulang Canyon & Falls

Highlights: High, water-sculpted canyon walls, swimming in Wae Nuwa River below the falls, natural setting, birds.

Challenges: Can be difficult to access during rainy season. Be sure to scope out water depths and obstacles before taking the plunge.

Best Time: May – October (primarily due to need for crossing rives/creeks under low water conditions)

Recommended Equipment: Hat, swimming shorts, sport sandals/hiking shoes, sunglasses, sunscreen, rain gear/umbrella, minor first aid kit, bottled water.

Guides: Not required but available in Nobo.

Time Commitment: Half to full day depending on time of start.

Access: Approximately 30 km from Labuan Bajo. 5 km from main road to Cunca Wulang Canyon . At km 3 you will reach the village of Warsawe where one can leave their vehicle or motorcycle and walk the remaining 2 km to the canyon. The site cannot be accessed during the rainy season due to high water in the river crossing and poor road conditions.

View from top of Cunca Wulang falls.

Cunca Wulang Canyon

Taking the plunge at Cunca Wulang canyon.