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Java, an island of Indonesia, formed by a chain of volcanic mountains, east to west, is home of the capital city, Jakarta. This island supports most of the Nation’s industry and manufacturing. Java has very well developed agriculture and tourism, with a culturally diverse population of 150 million people. Excellent galleries, museums, lodging, shopping, markets, spas, music (and music festivals), theatres and food establishments abound in the major cities like Jakarta, Yogyakarta and Surabaya. The surrounding countryside and smaller cities offer many opportunities to observe and experience traditional rural activities; and to visit remarkable historic sites, national parks, beaches and world class botanical gardens. Get up close and personal with awe-inspiring volcanoes at Mount Bromo and Ijen; meet with artisans working with batik, stone, wood, ceramic; enjoy gamelan music and Wayang puppetry, pigeon racing, adventure sports (onshore and offshore), bike tours or simply sight-see and enjoy the people, food and landscapes.

Major attractions in Java include: the World Heritage sites at Borobudur, Prambanan Temple, the old City of Yogyakarta; Sangiran where fossilized remains of a prehistoric man (called Java Man) were unearthed; volcanoes at Mount Ijen, Krakatau, Merapi and Mount Bromo; Kebun Raya Botanical Gardens, and Ujung Kulon National Park. Excellent whitewater river rafting opportunities are offered on the Citarik River in West Java and Elo River in Central Java. Many other hidden treasures make Java an exceptional destination and well worth including in your Indonesian travel itinerary.

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