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Kalimantan is the Indonesian portion of the Island of Borneo. If you enjoy river rafting, rapids, all whilst in a jungle setting, then Kalimantan is your Island. Innumerable rivers, including two ranging a thousand kilometers occupy Kalimantan, an area comprising three-quarters of Borneo. It is the world's third-largest island. Within this primordial zone, something astonishing seems to always lie around the next curve. Chance meetings with exotic wildlife (such as the amazing orangutan) are not uncommon. In Kalimantan, rivers play an important role in communication and economy for its inhabitants. Most of community life is centered along rivers: houses, activities, etc. For the adventurous, Kalimantan offers many options to satisfy that desire: rafting or traveling along some of the world’s most beautiful and challenging rivers, trekking through traditional villages and jungles, or taking a safari trip in one of the many national parks. Take part in river travel as an adventurer, whether you are a novice who simply enjoys paddling a romantic klotok canoe, or a hardened voyager, shooting rapids. Stop-off at a Dayak Village and observe the indigenous Dayak (Mountain People), who still live in traditional longhouses, housing as many as 50 people. They were once known as headhunters. If aquatic ambience is your desire, take time to explore the Derawan Archipelago, a world-class underwater destination for snorkeling and scuba diving.

A must stop is seeing Keraton, the former sultan's palace, known for its outstanding museum. The building is the star attraction, built by the Dutch in 1937, in a sparkling white exterior, with its strong parallel lines, and a futurist vision worthy of Shangri-La. As Kalimantan is renowned for its amazing and unique biodiversity; where-else, but at Tanjang Puting National Park can you count on close encounters with orangutans, proboscis monkey, silver leaf monkeys, gibbons and troupes of macaques; plus being bombarded by numerous other flora and faunal species. The area is also famous for its rain forest, heath forest and peat swamps. Consider a few overnights; take a river cruise to Camp Leakey and observe orangutan rehabilitation at its finest. It's an unforgettable, enchanted journey, where you're cut off from the rest of the world and thrust into what little nature remains of this vast tropical island. This is, importantly, one of the last remaining refuges for wild orangutans. Hornbills will swoop down before you, birds on constant chatter, and cicadas buzzing like chainsaws. And when night falls, thousands of fireflies can be seen, lighting up the river shrubs and reeds, like a Christmas tree, making your journey a special, but true fairytale.

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