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Home to renowned surfing spots, the rugged island of Sumbawa is a remote, yet beautiful place. Located east of the more famous Lombok Island, Sumbawa is just waiting to be discovered. It may take longer to reach but once you get to Sumbawa, the excellent surf and incredible unspoiled scenery will reward you. This island is best known for its waves, sandy beaches and wild terrain. With great surf and spectacular coral reefs, the majority of travelers to Sumbawa come to surf and dive. The slogan of Sumbawa tells you all you need to know about this island. B E S A R stands for Bersih, Elok, Sehat, Aman Damai, Rapi (Clean, Beautiful, Healthy, and Neat). Since Sumbawa is mainly a rural destination it caters less to tourism, atypical of other nearby resort islands. Visit here if you have a longing for adventure and a need for a truly authentic local culture experience. The pace of life in Sumbawa is slow. Resident people continue their traditional beliefs and practices in their daily living.

Consider climbing the highest mountain in Sumbawa, Mount Tambora (2,851 meters high). In 1815, this mountain created the most destructive volcanic eruption in modern history. It launched 100 cubic kilometers of ash into the upper atmosphere, causing 1816, in many parts of the world, to be the "year without summer". Hike to its volcano’s rim and peer over the edge into the crater’s incredible gigantic hole (over 3km wide). Later, perhaps try surfing, where superb white sandy beaches and turquoise waters abound. If you are a pro surfer, consider catching the famous “Supersuck” – a reef break that gives rides up to 100 meters long; or catch the waves at Hu’u and Lakey Beaches. Cultural attractions include the Sultan’s Palace (called Dalam Loka) built in 1885 and covering almost an entire block. During festival times, partake in the privilege of seeing traditional “Sumbawan Fighting” called berempah (a type of bare fisted boxing) or water buffalo racing, held before the rice is planted. So much to see! In remote parts of the Island, traditional villages still thrive.

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