Our Tours

1 Day Komodo Safari

  • Rinca Island or Komodo Island
  • Hiking in the Land of the Dragon
  • Pink Beach and Fishing Village

Trip price varies; depends on level of service, number in party, and vessel type used. Please enquire.


2 Day Komodo Safari

  • Komodo Island & Rinca Island
  • Pink Beach, Manta Point
  • Padar Island, Bat Island & Fishing Village

Trip price varies; depends on level of service, # in party, and vessel type used. Please enquire.


Labuan - 17 Islands National Park Caveman Overland Loop

  • 4 day, 3 night, approx. 500km off-road trip by dirt bike
  • Coastal and interior scenery, snorkelling, traditional village, hobbit cave, waterfalls

(Closing price contingent on final itinerary)

Approx: $660/Guest


West Flores Highlands Safari

  • 5 Day, 4 night camping and boat-based safari in remote West Flores
  • 2 night remote village, 1 night camping highlands bird forest, 1 night near Bat Island.

$800 /Guest


Cunca Wulong Canyon

  • Hiking, swimming, forest birds, monkeys and more
  • Batu Cermin Cave option

$75 /Guest


½ Day River Excursion

  • Short river runs on the Wae Mese, Wae Longge River
  • Nature & tranquility, fishing, bird watching.

$60 / Guest


Pan Flores Road Trip Labuan to Larantuka

  • 10 day - Approx. 550 km overland tour of major land marks, cultural sites, beaches, volcanoes.
  • Side excursions on foot, boat, diving, snorkelling, fishing offered.

Approx: $3600


Flores Highlands & Komodo National Park Safari

6 Day, 5 Night camping / boatbased safari in remote mainland West Flores and Komodo National Park

  • 2 Nights remote village
  • 1 Night camping highlands bird forest
  • 2 Nights Komodo National Park. (Komodo and RInca Island, Padar Island, Bat Island, Manta Point, etc..)



Mbeliling River Dragon Adventure

  • 3 days, 2 night adventure featuring downhill Mount Mbeliling bicycle ride
  • 18 km drift on remote river, and overnight tour of Komodo National Park, dragon viewing, snorkelling & beach combing.

$675 /Guest


Kelimutu Crater Lakes

  • 3 day, 2 nights – crater lakes, Lio Tribal village, Bluestone Beach

$350 /Guest


Fishing Excursions

  • Artisanal style ½ day and 2 day popper fishing trips for Giant Trevally.
  • Includes boat, guide, tackle (if required), snacks/meals and drinks.

Artisanal ½ day: $40 / Guest
2 day cast and jig: $500 / Guest


Cunca Rami Falls

This partial day tour will take you to a scenic, refreshing waterfall. The drive will show you through gorgeous mountain terrain where you can observe local culture in a jungle-like setting. Hiking into this waterfall is not too strenuous and rewards are great. Price is based on double occupancy and includes entrance fees; travel in an air conditioned comfort, lunch, refreshments & English speaking guide.

Trip price varies; depends upon # in party and combining with other tours.


Mbeliling Cloud Forest

  • Trekking, birding, local ecological knowledge tour Forest Reserve



Mbeliling Bicycle Downhill

  • 20 km+ volcano downhill and lowland cycle

$80 / Guest


Mbeliling – Off-road Safari

  • Guided full day dirt bike safari
  • Nature and culture

$90 /Guest


Batu Cermin Cave & Labuan Bajo

  • Cave(non technical), Town, Markets
  • Bamboo forest, unique cave fauna

$50 / Guest


Goa Rangko Grotto

  • Visit uniqe costal Grotto
  • Bidadari Island snorkelling & beach, Seraya Kecil Village

Economy: $90 / Guest
Deluxe: $110 / Guest


Tado Village Day trip

  • Manggarai Village Cultural Tour
  • Spider Rice Field visit

$80 / Guest


Wae Rebo Village 2 Day Expedition

  • Hike and overnight at traditional village

$190 /Guest


Liang Bua Hobbit Cave

  • Day excursion to Homo florensis hobbit cave
  • Spider Rice Field visit

$80 /Guest


Istana Ular Snake Cave

Full Day expedition requires 2 hour drive to get near the location, then hike to the Snake Cave. There, you will see reticulated Pythons and Bats. A river crossing is necessary, so this tour may be cancelled during "rainy season". For the adventuresome!

Click here to see a Sample Istana Ular itinerary


Sano Nggoang Crater Lake

  • Visit to crater lake
  • Nature and culture

$80 /Guest


Sopi Safari

  • Half day tour of traditional palm whiskey distillery at local village.

$40 /Guest


Beach and Bats

  • ½ day afternoon trip to Bat Island and Kelor Island. Guided full day dirt bike safari
  • Afternoon snorkelling and fantastic sunset bat migration

Economy: $85 /Guest
Deluxe: $100 /Guest


Labuan Birding

  • Half day birding
  • Walking or river drifting options.

Walking tour: $50/Guest
River drift: $60 /Guest